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Who we are

We are intimately and closely interconnected to each other in the oneness but just feel ourelves as separated through our ego or physical sensations in our personal conscious.


No one is totally another person.

If we are aware of our real self being interconnected to the collective wisdom and the universe.


We have a lot of invisible,

but definitely existing and acting, wisdom around and in us.

Lotus Flowers Commune is a nonprofit organization for supporting children, adolescents, and their family who have difficulties in overcoming the difference in development because of their autism and/or related challenges.

Through research, professional training program on therapeutic services, interdisciplinary intervention and participation.


Our program provides holistic, instruction in activities and skills essential to successful everyday living.

The skills are wide ranging and include the most basic and incidental, to the very sophisticated and personal.


We provides individualized programs for each of the members, promoting personal choice based on areas of interests and passion, and focusing most on the arts of living.


The commune is funded by a number of sources, including professional associations, academic and professional association in the fields, grants by the governments, and donation from organizations and individuals.


Our commune is an association of those who are yearning in the hearts for the spiritual dimension of life.

We all together are doing our bests to satisfy our longing soul with the members by tuning in the spiritual waves.





(Accredited Play Therapy Training in Korea)

生에서 남는 것이 있다면

-어향속에서, 물고기 자신의 '존재'를 아는 것

​-지구별에서, 잠시 육친 옷 걸친 '혼(魂)',을 아는 것

지구별수행 안내자인 그의, 발달장애라는 특성은

파랑물고기들 속 황금무늬 물고기,

일반발달속 독특발달,

화려한언어들 속 침묵핵심언어

지구별 오기 전 계획되었던

bitter and sweet Mission

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